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C A R B O N   F I B E R   P O O L   C U E ' S

C A R B O N   F I B E R
P O O L   C U E ' S


Experience a game-changing revolution in billiards with the Carbon Fiber Pool Cue & Shafts!

This innovation, on par with the introduction of the leather tip, propels the sport forward. Meticulously developed by leading cue manufacturers, these shafts harness the lightweight strength of carbon fiber, delivering unparalleled performance, consistency, and durability.

Gone are the days of grappling with spin; now, manipulating the cue ball is effortless, elevating your game and maximizing enjoyment.

Join the evolution
– embrace the future of billiards!


  • Lenght


  • Diameter

    11.8 mm
    12.2 mm
    12.4 mm
    12.6 mm
    13.0 mm

  • Tip

    Kamui Medium

  • Joint

    VP2 (Longoni)
    3/8-14 (Cutec)

Unleash unparalleled performance with Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shafts, engineered for resistance against warping, moisture, and temperature shifts.

Unlike traditional wooden counterparts, these shafts maintain shape and performance over time, ensuring unwavering gameplay consistency. The lightweight, enduring design empowers players to achieve heightened power and speed, providing a competitive edge with powerful breaks and extended shots.

Carbon fiber pool shafts outshine traditional wooden cues, offering superior performance through a low deflection factor for precise and accurate shots, elevating control over the cue ball and ensuring shot consistency.

Smooth surfaces reduce friction between the cue and the player's hand, facilitating fluid strokes and enhancing cue ball control. The carbon fiber's resistance to dirt, chalk residue, and oils simplifies maintenance, allowing for a hassle-free cleaning process with just a cloth.

Elevate your game with the unbeatable advantages of carbon fiber pool cue shafts – a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and convenience.


  • Shaft


  • Butt


  • Joint

    3/8-10 s/s
    3/8-10 Brass

  • Joint Color


  • Diameter

    13.3 mm

  • Tip

    Taom Sai

Upgrade your break game with a Veloc Carbon Break Cue, surpassing standard wood alternatives in performance and durability.

Carbon fiber's innate resistance to warping and moisture ensures the cue's longevity, maintaining consistent power and precision over time. The lightweight yet robust construction empowers players to generate maximum force, resulting in explosive breaks and improved shot control.

The low deflection factor of carbon fiber enhances accuracy, making it easier to pocket balls during breaks.

Unlike traditional wood, carbon break cues offer a smooth surface, reducing friction for a more fluid stroke. Embrace the superior technology of carbon fiber for an unparalleled breaking experience, providing a competitive edge and elevating your overall gameplay to new heights.


  • Shaft


  • Butt


  • Joint

    3/8-10 s/s

  • Diameter

    13.3 mm

  • Tip


  • Pieces


  • Middle Screw

    Aliminium 3/8-10
    Aliminium Unilock

Elevate your jump shots with the Veloc Carbon Jump Cue, a superior choice over standard wood alternatives.

Crafted with cutting-edge carbon fiber technology, this cue offers unparalleled strength and durability. Its lightweight design allows for precise control, enabling players to effortlessly execute accurate and powerful jump shots.

The carbon construction ensures resistance to warping and moisture, maintaining optimal performance over time. Experience a low deflection factor that enhances precision, making it easier to execute successful jumps.

Unlike traditional wood, the Veloc Carbon Jump Cue provides a consistently smooth surface, minimizing friction and maximizing your ability to execute flawless jumps.

Embrace the innovation, gain a competitive edge, and achieve new heights in your gameplay with the Veloc Carbon Jump Cue.


Dimitrios Kalogeras wanted to create a pool cue that had a perfect balance and with the right rigidity, ie something he wanted to play with but which he had not found in his first 20 years as a pool player.


In 2006, Dimitrios decided to quit his job at the local construction company, with a goal set on being a cue maker, he studied the trade at Arnot Q, and after a while, he also received some good tips from Dennis Searing.

Dimitrios built his first billiard pool cue in 2007, from the first cue until the beginning of 2009 Dimitrios had built a total of 12 cues, and repaired and renovated lots of cues from all makers.

Rumor began to spread from the first 12 cues that were something extra to play with.

In 2013, the manufactured were very advanced, as were the wooden cue shafts that were named Infinity. The development of cues, shafts, and workshops has gone fast from the time Dimitrios started the company IQCues.

In 2022 Dimitrios decided to sell his old IQCues company to his former staff and partner.

Now in 2023, Dimitrios' next step together with Thomas Nilsson started Veloc, and he will continue his cue-making journey from a new modern workshop in Athens.


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